Western Civilization 1 Essays

Essay Lesson 5: Abraham-Moises

Essay Lesson 10: Hector on “The Iliad” and Mycenaean Greece

Essay Lesson 15: Ancient Greece and Pre-Socratic Philosophy 

Essay Lesson 20: Socrates vs. the Sophists

Essay Lesson 25: Informative Only: Aristotle and His “Ideas” 

———————Aristotle and His “Ideas”

Essay Lesson 30: The Persian Wars and The Peloponnesian War 

Essay Lesson 35: Religion vs. True Believing

Essay Lesson 40: The Liberty of the Ancients and the Moderns / Epicureanism

Essay Lesson 45: The Struggle of the Orders

Essay Lesson 50: Octavian/Augustus

Essay Lesson 55: Seneca and The Coliseum

Essay Lesson 60: Christianity and its Evolution

Essay Lesson 65: God Is Love

Essay Lesson 70: No Intermediate Phase

Essay Lesson 75: Christianity in Rome / Visigoth Victories 

Essay Lesson 80: Rome and St. Augustine 

Essay Lesson 85: Merovingian and Carolingian Dynasty / The Papal-Frankish Alliance 

Essay Lesson 90: The Carolingian Renaissance / The Spread of Christianity in England 

Essay Lesson 95: Islam / The Procopius Portrayal of Justinian

Essay Lesson 100: The Ninth-and Tenth-Century Invasions

Essay Lesson 105: The Gregorian Reform / Christendom 

Essay Lesson 110: The East-West Schism / Sacraments and Indulgence 

Essay Lesson 115: Misconceptions on the Crusades

Essay Lesson 120: The Albigensians and the Mendicant Orders

Essay Lesson 125: Scholastic Philosophy and Thomas Aquinas

Essay Lesson 130: Breaking the Structures of Reason

Essay Lesson 135: The Rising Towns / Why Growing Economy? 

Essay Lesson 140: Emperors vs. Popes

Essay Lesson 145: Defensor Pacis and the Black Death

Essay Lesson 150: John Wycliffe, The Reformer / The Great Western Schism

Essay Lesson 155: The Renaissance of Humanism

Essay Lesson 160: Machiavelli on “The Prince” 

Essay Lesson 165: Erasmus and Folly / High Renaissance Artists 

Essay Lesson 170: Girolamo Savonarola

Essay Lesson 175: Eve of the Protestant Reformation

Essay Lesson 180: Mario Vargas on Questions of Conquest / Flat Earth? 



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  1. When will you post more Western Civ. essays? Love reading them. 🙂

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  2. Cool Essays. The writing explains the topic in a simple and clear way.

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  3. I like this theme. It is also easy to know who wrote it if the author is commenting in the comments.

    Note: My blog is sbessays.wordpress.com. It is not myhighflyblog.wordpress.com, that is my brother’s. My brother and I share a user so when you click jaromb1234 it will pop on my brother’s blog. I really need viewers because I only have 61 viewers. If you like or comment on my blog I will visit your blog.


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