In the Bible we have a series of stories, which I believe are more than just stories. They are the word of God, and in each word there is a great revelation; a revelation that will lead us to greater holiness, which is becoming one with the Him. However we cannot understand His word without His Holy Spirit, which is why every time we read the Bible we must ask the Holy Spirit to open our understanding, and with His grace and mercy He will help us understand what He is trying to tell us.


In the Bible we have the story of Abraham. Now, Abraham is going to receive a calling from God to leave his home, and travel west to Canaan. In this calling, Abraham must leave everything, so he can enter in the divine promise. After leaving everything with his wife Sarah, God promised them a son. Sarah was sterile, but nothing is impossible for God. So, she gave birth to a son named Isaac, and when Isaac was still a boy, God asked Abraham to give him in sacrifice. Abraham had faith in God, and when he went with Isaac, and Isaac asked Abraham which calf they would sacrifice, Abraham told him that God would provide it. With this you can see how Abraham had a very great faith. When Abraham was about to kill his son, an angel stopped him, and indeed God provided the calf.

Isaac then married Rebekah, and they had two sons, Esau and Jacob. Esau was the elder son, and one day Esau being absolutely hungry asked Jacob for some of the food he had prepared. But, the only way Jacob would give Esau food was as long as Esau sold Jacob his birthright, so he did. Isaac then prepares to give Esau his blessing, but Jacob with the help of Rebekah deceive Isaac into believing that Jacob was Esau. In this way, Jacob received the blessing not Esau. Esau seeing this becomes mad, and desires to kill Jacob, but Jacob flees.

Jacob arrives at the home of Laban his uncle; there he falls in love with Rachel, so Laban promised to give Rachel to Jacob as long as he served him seven years. Completed the time Jacob marries Leah, Laban’s first daughter, by deception from Laban. However, Jacob married Rachel only after serving seven more years. After that, Jacob has 12 sons and 1 daughter. Rachel, out of those sons gives Jacob a son named Joseph, and another named Benjamin, and with the birth of Benjamin, Rachel dies. Out of his 12 sons come the 12 tribes of Israel. Never the less, before that happened, one day Joseph’s brothers sold Joseph to slavery, for being the most loved of Jacob.

Joseph becomes the second in authority in Egypt after the Pharaoh. This is because Joseph with the help of God was able to interpret a dream from the Pharaoh, which no one else was able to. The dream of the Pharaoh had meant that there would be seven years of great prosperity, but after that there would be seven years of famine, and with this they prepared for the famine. In the end, God raises Joseph’s head, for his brothers find out who Joseph was, and the family restores.

After all of this, Joseph dies, and the Pharaoh does too, and a new Pharaoh who didn’t know Joseph rises and enslaves the Jews. Now, a new man raised by God will show up to deliver Israel, Moses.

descarga (2)

Moses was adopted by the Pharaoh’s daughter, for the Pharaoh had ordered to kill every first born son of the Hebrews. So, Moises’s mother put him on a crib in the river, where the Pharaoh’s daughter found him. Moises being older would visit the Hebrew slaves, and one day he kills an Egyptian overseer who was beating up a Hebrew. Because of this, the Pharaoh wants to kill Moises, so he flees, and becomes a shepherd. One day Moises sees a burning bush that was not consumed; there God speaks to him, and tells him to go back to Egypt, for God will use Moises to deliver Israel. Moises goes back and tells the Pharaoh to let the people go, but instead the Pharaoh increases the burden of the Hebrews.

God then sends different types of plagues to the Egyptians, until finally the Pharaoh accepts to let the people go. After the Israelites reached the Red Sea, the Pharaoh along with his army chased them, but God opened the sea in half, and they crossed in dry ground. However, the Pharaoh and his army all drowned in the sea, and it was victory for the Jews.

All these stories; which as I said before are more than just stories, have a great teaching, and a great revelation. We can apply them today in our lives, the way that God wants us to.

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