Economics Essays

Essay Lesson 10: Flying across the Country

Essay Lesson 15: Garage Sales

Essay Lesson 20: Part-Time Jobs

Essay Lesson 25: Kingdom Riches

Essay Lesson 30: Are You an Entrepreneur

Essay Lesson 35: Why You Should Hire Me

Essay Lesson 40: Job Application EmailΒ 

Essay Lesson 45: State Subsidized, State Controlled

Essay Lesson 50: No Essay Required

Essay Lesson 55: The Righteous Way

Essay Lesson 60: More Competition, Higher Quality

Essay Lesson 65: The Dark Side of Tariffs

Essay Lesson 70: Labor Unions on Price Inflation

Essay Lesson 75: No Essay Required

Essay Lesson 80: A Generation of Greatness

Essay Lesson 85: The Illusion of Money

Essay Term Paper Lessons 86-110: Freedom from Mammon

Essay Lesson 115: The Broken Window Fallacy

Essay Lesson 120: Job Wages

Essay Lesson 125: Taxes on the Broken Window Fallacy

Essay Lesson 130: Wooden Spoon

Essay Lesson 135: Profit and Loss

Essay Lesson 140: Bureaucratic Education

Essay Lesson 145: Raising Prices and Debasing Currency

Essay Lesson 150: Love Defeats Ego

Essay Lesson 155: The Lies of Trade

Essay Lesson 160: I answered the question in this same essay: The Lies of Trade

Essay Lesson 165: Patriotism or Idolatry?

Essay Lesson 170: Giving the Best Economic Way

Essay Lesson 175: A New Era

Essay Lesson 176: I answered the question in this same essay: Giving the Best Economic Way




21 thoughts on “Economics Essays

  1. Are you now doing the economics course? I am going to take it this fall. Right now I’m finishing up RPC courses and then I’m going to do Liberty Classroom courses over the summer…Here’s the website, it’s really great: Is the economics course difficult to understand? Just wondering for my reference. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

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  2. Hello Jada, your site design was recommended as a model in Business I Lesson 5. Were you able to create your custom theme using only the free features from If not then do you mind listing which options you needed to purchase in order to create your theme?

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  3. Thank you. Yes, to see the recommendation, scroll down to the last few lines of the page at

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  4. That’s cool.

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  5. Hey! Your blog is exceptional. Mind giving me a few tips for my blog? (
    Thanks! πŸ™‚

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    • If you could just reply to this comment with a helpful tip or something, Lol

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    • Thank you so much!! πŸ˜€
      Your blog looks pretty well. I guess I would just suggest you to make a page or pages that makes it a lot easier on finding what you write. For example, this page. I posted the links on all of my essays, because after a while it began harder and a bit tedious to get to a certain essay I wrote. I think organization is key to a good blog. The rest is just based on your creativity and likes.

      Thank you for visiting my blog, and your nice comments!

      P.S. I think you are a pretty good writer. The Ron Paul Curriculum also helps you develop that area in a very great way. So, expect improvement too. Have a great day!! πŸ˜€

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  6. How did you link all your essays for economics under a category? Nice blog!

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    • When you are on you blog you click on the W, which is the logo of wordpress, there you will see a section called Publish, and under it the word pages. On pages you click on add, after that you title it (in my case it was Economics Essays), and then you begin posting the links to your essays with the name of each one. Then, you click on Publish, and you can edit it whenever you make a new essay.
      Hope this helps!
      Thank you! πŸ˜€


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