Girolamo Savonarola

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Born on 1452, the Italian Dominican Friar Girolamo Savonarola was a preacher that was active in Florence during the Renaissance. He preached against corruption, lax morals in the clergy, the Church, and the spirit of the Renaissance. He hoped for the day of the reformation of the Church, and even pursued it with his preachings and prophesies.

When King Charles VIII of France invaded Italy, Savonarola encouraged him. He also criticized the Medici family for their luxurious lives. In 1497, the Pope excommunicated him and threatened to place Florence under an interdict, due to Girolamo’s disobedience, and defiance to the Pope. In return, Savonarola said he was sent from Heaven, and to prove it he would cross through fire without being burned. When he was tested to do it he refused, and people began to turn against him.

After this, he was imprisoned along with two friars that supported him. It was only after a torture that Girolamo confessed that his prophecies and visions were invented. In 1498, he was hanged and burned along with the two others in the main square of Florence.

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