Misconceptions on the Crusades

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The crusades took place between the high middle ages and the late middle ages by the Roman Catholic Church. It was a series of wars against the Muslims in order to win back the “Holy Land”. However, no matter how popular or well known the crusades are, there have been several misconceptions about them.

The crusaders were not fixated on wealth. In fact, the crusaders were already wealthy. Instead, they sold off or mortgaged their lands so they could raise money and go to the crusades. The crusades were expensive, and some of the crusaders impoverished themselves instead of enriching themselves. Thus, making this thought incorrect.

Another misconception is thinking that the crusaders wanted to convert the Muslims by force. Actually, the Muslims in the crusader states were never forced to give up their religion. As a matter of fact, they also outnumbered the Catholics in the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem.

There was also never a “children’s crusade”. Children did not form an army or go on a crusade, but rather formed part of a variety of uprisings and processions. A young man named Nicholas became the center of a mass movement, but they ended up dispersing, hence some went to Rome.

The last misconception I will mention is the thought of the crusades leading into a festering resentment among the Muslims, culminating in the 20th and 21st century terrorism. According to the Muslims, the crusades were minor episodes from the Muslim perspective, and they are hardly even worth mentioning.

As you can see there are various erroneous thoughts about the crusades that have led into misconceptions. Digging in and informing yourself about a certain subject will prevent that from happening, and it will let you become an educated person, hence an intelligent one too.

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