English 1 Essays

Essay Lesson 10: Three Stories About Me

Essay Lesson 15: After Lehrer’s Heart Attack

Essay Lesson 20: The Pinball Machine Story

Essay Lesson 25: My Turning Points

Essay Lesson 30: Kourdakov’s Failed Assignment: Joining a Crime Syndicate vs. Staying Clean  

Essay Lesson 35: Kourdakov: The Leaders of the Victims

Essay Lesson 40: Accuracy

Essay Lesson 45: Key Incidents

Essay Lesson 50: Piece of Literature 

Essay Lesson 55: Washington’s Arguments Against the Slave System

Essay Lesson 60: Memorable Images

Essay Lesson 65: Social Acceptance?

Essay Lesson 70: My View of the Future

Essay Lesson 75: Plunkitt’s Patriotism

Essay Lesson 80: How He Made His Money

Essay Lesson 85: Less Disjointed Autobiography

Essay Lesson 90: Benefits of Writing an Autobiography

Essay Lesson 95: My Target Audience

Essay Lesson 100: Reconstructed Speeches, or Not? 

Essay Lesson 105: Darwin’s Autobiography and My Autobiography

Essay Lesson 110: Sanctions and Slavery According to Thompson’s Theory

Essay Lesson 115: South’s Slave System Morally Evil? 

Essay Lesson 120: Northup’s and Eliza’s Response to Separation 

Essay Lesson 130: Use of Contrasts

Essay Lesson 135: Was Thoreau Dependent or Not?

Essay Lesson 140: Any Background Info?

Essay Lesson 145: Your Philosophy

Essay Lesson 150: Ant Wars & Loons vs Something More Important

Essay Lesson 155: Three Events

Essay Lesson 160: A Great Impact

Essay Lesson 165: Notes, Notes, and More Notes!

Essay Lesson 170: Life in the British Navy: Olaudah Equiano

Essay Lesson 175: So What?



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