Ancient Greece and Pre-Socratic Philosophy

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Ancient Greece

What significance does ancient Greece have in Western civilization?

First of all we have to notice that ancient Greece influenced the world in areas such as government, science, philosophy, and the arts. Today, it still has its impact. I believe that many of the way of thinking and teachings we have in school, from the government, and even in our homes derive from Greece. They are teachings that form structures in our lives, and whatever you think that denies that way of thinking is crazy and wrong. For example, Greek thinking is all about reason. It teaches you that everything can be explained with your reason, and nothing comes just because, or of the will of God. We are taught that if we have a sickness, it’s because of some bacteria or deathly material that came into your body, so now you have to take all this medication, because if you don’t you’ll die. We automatically believe that because that’s what we were taught, and we never ask ourselves if it really is true. Today, 100,000 Americans die yearly because of prescription drugs, somehow they have become deadlier than the illegal ones. And they’re legal! We are supposed to have a healthier society with all the advances in science, but the truth is we’ve never had a society sicker than today’s. Apparently, reason was the cause.

But when we go deep into the origin we find the truth lies in our spirit. But how can this be if my reason tells me that’s crazy and impossible? If we continue to put our reason into everything we will never understand the truth of things, we will only form structures and doctrines. We will continue to live the way we’re living and never find a solution.

And then we ask ourselves why the earth has become a more violent and insecure place. Why are people becoming more egocentric? Why is bullying incrementing? Why are suicides and homicides not lowering? Why do we have more drug addicts? Why are there more kidnappings? Why is there more burglary? Why are my children rebellious? Why are there more divorces? Why is there more destruction?… and the list continues. The number one element that is being attacked today in society is the family. The government incrementing the hours of school, husband and wife continuously fighting, the need for money incrementing the hours of work, some people don’t even get married anymore. What have we done to fix this?

We have implemented our reason. Oh, this guy needs psychological treatment! We should make a drug free campaign! Let’s educate the children, maybe that’s how they’ll learn! Keep them away from addictions, put them in a sport or make them learn an instrument! Read 20 min. every day! How’s that working for you?

In all my life I’ve learned one thing, and it’s no matter how hard you try or how much you do to not do something wrong, if you don’t rip or break the origin, you’re falling into that pit again. Call it lying, alcohol, bad attitude, hatred, jealousy, discussion, pornography, disobedience, and any other bad habit, the origin needs to break. Just how in John chapter 8 verse 32 says, the truth will set you free. What I am telling you here is the truth.

Now, how have I come from a question like the one on the very beginning to this conclusion? It is Greek thinking that has built this society. What solution do I propose? Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life!

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Pre-Socratic Philosophy

Why is pre-Socratic philosophy significant?

Pre-Socratic philosophers, as the name says it, lived before Socrates. They didn’t ask moral questions, like how people ought to live; instead they tried to answer questions of the world by applying human reason. They are significant because they really are the first philosophers in the West and possibly in the rest of the world. Still, some of the answers that they give are wrong and others are preposterously wrong. This is why it is important to see that it’s the nature of what they’re asking and answering and not their accuracy. They also give birth to the whole western philosophical tradition.

I believe this is important, for them to have given birth to the whole western philosophical tradition, but no, I don’t believe this is true. I believe it was the thought of good and evil that gave birth to the whole philosophical tradition, and this this may give us the origin of what we believe, and what we’re living by. Or maybe what are the roots of the things we have structured in our minds, and what we need to be free of. I can conclude that no matter how philosophical one could be, or they could have been, our human reason will always limit us to the impossibilities a human can’t achieve.

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