Labor Unions on Price Inflation

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Labor unions are a group of workers that negotiate their interests in the areas of their working hours, working conditions and wages.

When a labor union sets down to discuss wages, there is a very big chance of price inflation. As wages go up, so do prices. It is as simple as that. These unions only take note of their interests and benefits. Inevitably, this will leave out others.

It is like having four chocolate bars and giving three to a boy and one to a girl. One will benefit and the other will not. When companies are able to see that some employees are paid more, and therefore can afford more, they will raise prices. The boy in this case will be the winner and the girl the looser. Of course the boy will gain his three chocolate bars at the cost of his freedom. Every time the government will give you something, it will be at the cost of your own freedom.

This is one of the many reasons why there are poor people and rich people; the pursuit of our own ego and the illusion of being able to gain power and dominion over everyone.

The next time you are asked if labor unions cause price inflation, don’t hesitate on answering yes.

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