A Generation of Greatness

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One of the things I’ve learned throughout all my life is that there is nothing better than following the voice of God, and walking in His righteous path. We have all been designed with a powerful purpose that comes from God that brings the heavenly designs onto earth. We must choose and determine ourselves with all our heart to fulfill it.

Walking in the identity of Jesus in us will take the death of our own ego. In order for us to receive His identity, we must lose our lives. For he who loses his life for Jesus will find the Life. That will take the love for Him first, and then the love for our neighbor. It is not about seeking our own, but about fighting along with your brother and sister. It is not about winning a name for us, but about changing the destiny of our nation and future generations. It is not about fulfilling our dreams and desires, but about opening a gap where the Kingdom of God can be established here on earth. It is not about seeking the success the world seeks, but about giving our lives for those we love, for He who we love, in order for His will to be done here and now.

Do not seek that which the world seeks, for it is perishable. Seek that which is eternal, for that is what brings true Life, fulfillment, and success. Our success is not determined on how much money we won, or how many goods we have, or how much the world recognizes us, or on all the great things we achieved, for that only fills our ego and perishes. God is looking for those that will go to the darkest and deepest places on earth in order to fill them with light, and free His people. He is looking for those that are willing to die in order for others to live. He is looking for those that are brave enough to stand in the gap and stop the next flood or judgment.

God does not want to destroy the world. He wants to save it with all that He is, that He was willing to give His one and only Son for us. That is what we must be willing to do. So I say to you, do not faint, do not give up, don’t let yourselves be fooled by the enemy. Always listen to the voice of God. For those that achieve greatness, are those that walk conforming to YHWH, are those that are capable of going further than the impossible, are those that are not fearful of climbing the steepest mountains, are those that are fearless of going past their limits, are those that run with the sound of warhorses and eagles, are those that make the earth and hell tremble, are those that die for other, and are those that guide themselves by the voice of God.

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3 thoughts on “A Generation of Greatness

  1. Wow! You’re an amazing writer. I really love this essay! You did a great job.

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