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Innocent Heart

Some are talented in music, or in art. Others can solve math problems in the most simple and fast way. There are others that perform great scientific discoveries, while others are excellent athletes. Nevertheless, there are some which I admire a lot. They are those that can lower themselves into the level of a child in an automatic way, simply because they were born with the talent, and I can also saw with the grace.

It is interesting to note how an adult sometimes does not understand a child, or tries to structure them in a rational way. When we should really understand that a child has his heart constantly open to simplicity and innocence. This, of course, doesn´t mean we shouldn´t educate them. Actually, we should educate them, but to hear the voice of God, and guide them towards purity. Regrettably, this is not constantly seen in society, but rather rarely exists. The way they are taught, what they see as they grow, and what they learn from oneself and others starts to create hearts of stone that begin to close little by little until they feel nothing. They begin to see only themselves, and their mentality builds up towards selfishness or self-protection. That´s why it´s nice to see someone capable of forgetting his structures or the ones of others, and innocently be like a child. Not seeing what others do, say, or think, but they just enjoy the moment and simple “are”. Instantly, their heart opens once again to what is pure, and fun within the innocence. It´s like filling the sky with another star that is willing to shine no matter if the night is dark. He simply “is”. Undoubtedly, this is something that we should all reach, and many times it is achieved through forgiveness, which leads to genuine and pure love that never hides anything.

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