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It is interesting to note that we as humans carry within us the will to do greater things. We are born with a creativity so immense that gives us the capability to create incredible things. When we are children we believe in ourselves, we believe anything, because we focus on that vast imagination given by God. It is sad to see, however, that we are taught and raised in such a way that begins to structure our creativity into a false “right way”. I say false, because it doesn’t make us genuine, but almost part of a “robotic” civilization that has already been programmed to believe, think, and act in certain ways.

Nevertheless, whenever we hear someone telling us to go back to that creativity we were born with, we consent to it, and completely agree, because somehow we know who we really are. Whoever made us stop believing it, and tried to form us into a rigorous, religious, structured, impossible way if living just wanted to see our potential burned out. It is not but fear that paralyzes us, and that makes us submit to control, because of the terrible lies that we are made to believe. The “fact” that someone else can have control of your life, because it will grant you security. It is not but the evil desire of wanting a false power inspired by hell.

You see we were made by God, and we were not just made by Him, but we were made in such a way that would glorify Him in everything we do. That is why we were given such an amazing creativity, so that we can know Him through it. This means, that when fear comes along with a million lies inspired by control which is witchcraft, it snatches from us who we really are, because we choose to believe it. Fear is not real, it is only an idea placed in your head, sealed in such a way that prevents you from believing something else. It is when we choose to believe what is true that we are set free.

We were not made to follow paradigms that others place. We were not made to live in a routine that others placed. We were not made to work how others work. We were not made to believe how others believe. For all of this vanishes creativity. What is so wrong when someone is inspired in a way that blows the mind of others? What is so wrong with breaking the routine? What is so wrong with creating something impossible?

I have seen from close, the lives of people that had great faith to do great things, but were discouraged, because they got tired of hearing the voices of people around them telling them that they were a failure, that they needed to work, that they didn’t see anything great in them, or a great result from their faith. Perhaps it was because they needed someone to support them. To tell them they were with them. So, I tell you now that if you are one of those people, those are all just lies. Lies that want to burn the creativity in you. That want to stop you from doing what you were born to do. I encourage you to keep going, and have a new faith. A faith that surpasses all understanding. Dream again, and put those dreams into action, because nothing can stop you if you believe correctly.

Mark 9:23

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

Also, to all of those that have once discouraged others with their words,  it is probably because you were discouraged before, but let me tell you that anything is possible. Even if you are at an old age, whatever you set yourself to do you will overcome. I love you all, and I hope that this message will give you a new faith to believe in the creativity, and potential that is in you, again.

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