A New Era


Without a doubt we have entered into a century that is a lot more computerized. Even now, the building of robots is incrementing. At first, we were able to see that robots were being used to do jobs that were harder, or longer to complete. Now, there has been a lot of talk about robots taking even the most minimal jobs. Proof of this is the continuing advancement of this technology. Today, we have begun to see robots taking the task of various jobs such as attending cruise ships, making music, painting, and even providing security to parking lots. Though, this may seem exciting, because it is new, and completely different from any century ever lived, it also sounds terrifying to many.

There has been so much worry about this matter. Much I believe, because of what we have seen in movies, and because of the talk of the “end of the world”. However, many others are worried about losing their jobs, and not finding an alternative way of receiving money. Getting jobs is already a hard task, and being replaced by robots will make it harder. This is what the majority of the people would think, and say. In the other hand, it will make our lives easier, and maybe even more prosperous. We can remember when horses were replaced by machines that could translate us from one place to another in a faster, cheaper, and more comfortable way; cars. Cars made not only a major change in our society, but it made our lives easier to carry on, not to mention that the faster this technology advances, the cheaper it will get. The question really is, will there be jobs left for us in a not such far away future? Or how will our grandchildren live? We don´t really know the answer to that question. All there is left for us to do is hop on the train to see where it stops. (Speaking in jobs). The radical truth is that the world where we live in is changing fast all thanks to technology.

One of the things that I suppose most of us would think is the inevitable fact that most of the jobs left for us would be in the area of building robots. Nonetheless, jobs that require more human attention are far less likely to be replaced by robots. So, what would be my career plan to avoid being replaced by a computer? This is a very hard question, but if you center it more to what you want to dedicate yourself, or are dedicating yourself to do, the answer to it could have an alert that warns you to be more efficient or cautious. However, we all know that computers never get tired. Our hopes of not losing our job could fall to zero percent, but if you guide yourself by God´s voice, which is what I do, then your answer surely gets easier.

Choosing a career is difficult, however when you know God’s purpose for your life finding the right one is easy. I will be around the area of communications, not to mention I have an interest in photography, graphic design, and maybe even programming. Whatever jobs a robot can replace, these are much harder to be taken by it. Why? It´s answer is easy; these jobs offer new ways of inventing a robot. Of course, many could blame those that made the robots in the first place, of them taking jobs away from the people. Despite that, we can almost assure they will be content with the new technology.

Although, robots can write, I will carry on with that. I have found that I like it, and viewing at the comments my fellow readers have made in my blog, I´m quite good at it. Nevertheless, my career does not stop there, more than anything my real focus is on God, and preaching His word, and more than it being a career it is my whole life, and determination.

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