Bureaucratic Education


Tax-funded inevitably means state-funded. Even though, the public is the one that provides the tax money, it is the state that decides what to do with that money. Though, knowing it shouldn´t be that way, for it is originally public money. However, it is considered to be the state´s pay, and therefore, now the state´s money. What the public does not understand is that they are the managers, and the state is the employee. Somehow, however, the public was taught to believe something else.

Whenever a public school is built it means it is tax-funded, and therefore, it is inherently bureaucratic. This is because state-funded education, promotes state power. He who pays the piper calls the tune. If the state is the one that built the school, and provides the education, then it is the state that decides what should be taught. Then again, that is what was taught in the first place. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily true. Government-funded schools teach state power. This means that authority will be taken away from the public, because of what is taught. While they teach that the state is the one that has sovereign power, and therefore, should be seen as God, then the public must do everything it says. Government education restraints freedom, yet, the majority of people believe they live in free countries. The truth is that the public is the one that is supposed to decide what to do with the tax money, but due to the teachings they received when they were in school, they have been deprived from that authority and liberty.

Tax- funded education is bureaucratic education. Sadly, the biggest mistake one can make, is the belief that they are free, when liberty is lacked.

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