Wooden Spoon

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As simple as a pencil is a wooden spoon. Everyone has one in their kitchens. Let it be a house, a restaurant, or even a business. As simple as it may seem, it has gone into a process where a widespread division of labor was required.

Many people had to chop off the trees in order to get the wood. Of course, in order to chop off the tree a saw had to be built. Not to mention all the people that had to work in order for the saw to be put together. Then, the wood required transportation that included trucks filled with it. That takes us to the people that worked on the truck and on all the others that collaborated on making the parts of it. Not only this, but pieces of wood had to be cut down and smoothened, which again, included a lot of people. You might think that the process is finished there, but the wood requires a lot more transportation. This includes ships, trains, airplanes, and a lot more trucks, that only work with the use of gasoline. With this we can remember on all the people that work on acquiring petroleum.

The wood passes from hand to hand with the use of money. This means that even money contributes to the making of a wooden spoon. Without the money many people wouldn’t work. So, we now add in paper, computers, printers, and ink. After that, it took your labor in order to go into a store and buy the wood. Where else would you have gotten the money? Even if it was given, it took that other persons labor in order to obtain it. Once you see this, you realize you keep the whole thing going. If you don’t buy the wood, then there is no income to keep the process flowing.

However, if you thought that the wood was the only thing you needed in order to make the wooden spoon, you are wrong. You need much more than that. In the materials you need to make the wooden spoon, we include a pencil. So, let me warn you that you don’t want to know everything that is needed in order to make the pencil.

Video on how a pencil is made.

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6 thoughts on “Wooden Spoon

  1. That is pretty cool. I never put so much thought into my necessary every-day items; very interesting!

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