More Competition, Higher Quality

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I am asked if I would prefer to pay 20% more to shop at a store that sells only American-made goods.

I like American-made goods; sometimes they are cheaper than Mexican goods, without taking note of fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, no one likes to pay 20% more, just because there is not enough variety and competition to lower down the prices. The only reason and crude reality why products from other countries are a lot more expensive than the products they sell at your country is because of the tariffs imposed on them. Of course, the word tariff is a word used to confuse people. Honestly, it is a tax.

This tax is the result of an incompetent business or company that is not willing to offer better deals with more quality to its customers. Hard work is not their thing. This is why they pay the bureaucrats considerable amounts of money, in order for them to pass down laws that make it more complicated for trade to be made. Hence, it reduces competition and raises prices without the products being worth as much for its low quality.

This is why we see laws such as not being able to cross fruits or vegetables, because of a supposedly insect disease. This is made up. It was made in order to reduce trade, and increase money. We are told that tariffs (taxes) are good for the country, but that’s not true. I will be discussing this in my next essay.

Back to the question I was asked, I would not prefer paying 20% more money at a store that doesn’t have as much competition and quality. Not even with only American-made goods. It turns out that America is not the only country in the world. Therefore, there are better deals out there with a higher quality that provide a better life.

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9 thoughts on “More Competition, Higher Quality

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  2. I totally agree with you! You have written a great essay!
    I live in Ecuador and there is so much tax, which is mostly on the imported good qualitly products. Thankfully I have the ability to shop in the US!

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    • That is no surprise. Have you read my other essay on “The Dark Side of Tariffs”? I speak more about that there.

      (Are a student from the Ron Paul Curriculum?)

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      • Yes, I have read your essay on “The Dark Side of Tariffs”, it is a good essay as well! You are a very talented writer who explains things in an easy to understand way!
        I am a student with the RPC, and I am enjoying it very much!

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      • Thank you!
        I didn’t know there was another student from the RPC out of the U.S. apart from my brother and I. It was kind of surprising to know that you are in Ecuador. Were you born there?
        I am also enjoying it a lot. 😀

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      • I didn’t know that there were other students out side of the U.S. either- what a fun surprise! The three of us have something in common! Do you mind me asking where you are located?
        I was not born in Ecuador, I was born in the U.S. My family moved here a few years ago.
        I noticed that you have a blog in Spanish, I would like to eventually have a blog in Spanish as well, but my Spanish needs to be perfected a bit more before I begin amusing the public with my amazing language/grammar skills. Maybe I’ll just translate my essays for my own practice 🙂

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      • That is so nice! I’m in Mexico.
        Yea, I do have a blog in spanish, but it needs a lot of fixing. I have also only translated very little. I have a bunch of essays, so it’s a lot of work.
        That sounds like a good idea. You should translate 😀

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      • So I take it that your first language is english?

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      • Technically, yea 🙂 In a way it is..

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