The Righteous Way

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Several controversy takes place when we try to discuss if ‘high bid wins’ is better, and should be used more than ‘first come, first served’.

In my personal way of seeing things, and how I have understood what righteousness really is, I favor only justice. Many people think that ‘high bid wins’ is natural in the economy, and we can see it in an auction. The price of an object is leveled with the value someone gives to that certain object. Nevertheless, if we analyze this thinking with understanding, we can see how iniquitous this is.

‘High Bid Wins’

If an auctioneer wants to sell a certain object, it is obvious he or she would want to sell it as high as the bidder would go, even if this makes him or her cheat. It is understandable that the bidder wants the item, and it is also understandable that the auctioneer needs to make a living. However, the auctioneer is pulled by avarice. This makes the auctioneer be iniquitous and sinful. On the other hand, the bidder or bidders will be pulled by mammon; the god of the riches; making them too, iniquitous and sinful.

Economists say that we should leave the free market alone, and let its prices increase or decrease “naturally”. Notwithstanding, we do not note how this market is full of avarice and corruption.

‘First Come, First Served’

Then we talk about ‘first come, first served’. We are taught since a very early age that we should wait in line. Here the money doesn’t count, but time does. We should note that there are many people that would be willing to pay in order to get in front of the line, due to the very little time they have, or the impatience they have for waiting in line. Despite that, many people would disagree with them saying it is unfair, due to the long minutes or hours they’ve waited in line.

If we analyze this, we would be able to see that when we shop online, ‘high bid wins’ is a lot more used than ‘first come, first served’. We can see this when we are given an option to receive the object we paid for a lot faster, if we pay a higher price. No one is against that. Yet, it is the same principle.

My Opinion

We shouldn’t be motivated by money, nor should we by our ego. I seek righteousness, and the voice of God. You should too. I favor none (‘high bid wins, and ‘first come first served’).

‘High bid wins’, as I said before, is controlled by avarice and corruption, in other words, mammon. ‘First come, first served’, is controlled by our ego.

In the economy we should set prices in a righteous way. Here the seller and the buyer would both benefit. The seller would be charging at a righteous price, where he or she would be gaining from the service he or she is giving. Not too high, not too low, nor controlled by the government, but discerned the Spirit of God. The buyer would decide whether if he or she will by the product or service, or not, but without being disadvantaged and abused of their necessity.

As for ‘first come, first served’, we should be merciful enough to let others that don’t have the time to line up, get in front of us. However, the ones that don’t have the time to line up, should not abuse of the mercy of others. As to the ones that don’t have the patience to wait in line, lining up is a good way to build up patience.

Over all of this comes the voice of God. There are poor people, because of a corrupt and iniquitous economy. There are greedy people and people full of avarice, because of a corrupt and iniquitous economy. There are fights and disputes, because of an egocentric people that do not love their neighbor as they love themselves.

Love others as you love yourself.  – Mark 12:31

Kingdom Riches

God, Man, and the Serpent

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2 thoughts on “The Righteous Way

  1. I agree to an extent. In certain areas around here, there are grown men, with cardboard signs. “Will work for food.” They stand on corners during rush hour drive. My pastor needed some painting outside of our church buildings, so he went and and offered several men the job. Every one – EVERY ONE – said “What kind of work?” And turned it down!

    Though there is great evil in power, that does, in fact oppress the weakest members of the human race, we, as human beings, are responsible for supporting the corrupt politicians and corporations by endorsing what they are selling. For example – people want cheap clothing. They will not pay what it really costs to make a garment – so unscrupulous business owners provide cheap clothing produced in sweat shops. I can tell you as someone who sews extensively, that clothing takes a LOT of time and skill to produce. No one, not even the very rich, are willing to pay a fair price for clothing. The average garment worker in Bangladesh is paid less than $70 a month, working in deplorable conditions.

    We all need to think about what we buy and who is making it. Even banana pickers are abused. So yes – there are greedy business owners and politicians – but the consumers are just as greedy and corrupt.

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    • I totally agree! The corruption we see on those who sell, is the same corruption we see on those who buy. The ones at the bottom are the ones that hold the pyramid. We must change, and so something about it. Only in this way, the ones at the top will change.

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