State Subsidized, State Controlled

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Are tax-supported schools different in principle from tax-supported churches? The key words are tax-supported. This means that the money comes from the state; however it was originally from the public. People have been educated to “follow the money”. You can’t go against it, and you can’t avoid or go around it. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

If there is a tax-supported school, the government will call the tune. This means that the only things that will be able to be taught in that certain school, is what the state will impose. Also, he who would want to teach in that certain school would have to be suppressed in that certain teaching. If that certain teacher ever decided to trespass that teaching or omit some of it, he or she will be seen against the state.

The same principle goes to a tax-supported church. There is no difference between the school and the church, for the state is also the one who runs it. In the same way the state called the tune with the school, it will call it with the church. The pastor of the church will have to submit to the religious teachings the state will impose on that certain church. It could even be the worshiping of the state itself. In the same way, if the pastor ever decided to trespass those teachings or worshiping or omit some of it, or even add to it, he or she will be seen against the state.

There is no difference in principle, for the state controls both. As I said in, “Is There a Difference?”, there is only a difference in name.

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4 thoughts on “State Subsidized, State Controlled

  1. Government subsidies are good for those who really need it but unfortunately most don’t realize you are now owned by that government.

    now, was this post in response to a hypothetical school question? Are your churches supported by taxes?

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    • They are good for those who really need it, but I believe strongly in the trust for God.

      This post was made from a question in the school I study. And not at all, we are definitely not supported by taxes.


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