Why You Should Hire Me

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Assuming I would be in a spot where I would have to make a list of benefits of why people should hire me, these would be the following:

  1. I am homeschooled. Being a homeschooled student does not only give flexibility in schedule, but also a better security of being self-disciplined. In this way, it is a synonym of responsibility.
  2. I have the ability of speaking two languages. These include Spanish and English. I am a fluid speaker, listener, writer, and reader of both. I also understand the American and Mexican culture very well; this includes their history.
  3. I am well organized, and I have the capability of working under pressure. A good example of my organization would be my blog.
  4. I am good at managing websites.
  5. I have the capability to be a writer.
  6. I know how to follow schedules and stick to them. I am also a good listener and have the capability of following orders and rules. One example of this was when I was in my sixth grade class, our teacher gave us a project assignment, and I was the only one that followed her instructions precisely.
  7. For serval occasions, when setting up a group, I have been the one that sets out the idea of what we will do., and I have also been the captain. This means that I can organize people and ideas well.
  8. I am not a trouble seeker or maker. I have the ability to avoid trouble makers and seekers. I also know how to deal with them when needed. I have done this several times. I have learned that alerting the authority at an early stage is convenient. This is also the case when seeing a problem.
  9. I know how to adapt rapidly and am a fast learner. An example would be the transition from a normal school to a homeschool. I have been interviewed about that here.
  10. I can advance faster than an average person or student. This means that I am dedicated, diligent, and smart. This also goes back to organization.
  11. I can also see beyond others. When preparing or making something I like to see further in order to know how to organize.
  12. I am a fast thinker. I can see a solution where others can’t.
  13. I like to be social and treat people nicely.
  14. I am a trustworthy person. My family says I am their walking agenda. This means that I have a really good memory.
  15. I am also very honest. I am not afraid to speak the truth.
  16. I am a good administrator.
  17. I also respond immediately when needed.
  18. I am a good public speaker. I am not afraid of crowds.
  19. I observe everything, and remember things that most can’t.
  20. I am also not afraid of bad news, this means I know how to handle different situations.
  21. I never give up and achieve objectives.

Throughout my life, I have also received several certificates recognizing my hard work, diligence, and high achievement. I have received comments that say I’ve had superior work. I have been recognized in subjects such as Mathematics and Language Arts. I have been a spelling bee champion. I have acted in several plays, one of which was a competition, and won. I also participated in a poem contest and won second place.  I have also gained experience in selling different things. I have also participated in the design of web pages and the promotion of a product, and business.

I am a successful person that with determination can achieve many great things.

This is why you should hire me.

Thank you for taking your time in reading this. I will be awaiting your response.

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3 thoughts on “Why You Should Hire Me

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  2. pinetreesavage

    That is really impressive that you can speak, read and write so fluently in two languages! I am trying to learn French, but….. It isn’t going too well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! 😀
      I had the opportunity of learning how to speak spanish for my first language. Then I entered a public school in the U.S., and I was able to be there from kinder – 7th grade.
      Now I’m back in Mexico and had the opportunity of entering a private school here from the 8th grade – 9th grade. I began studying my 10th grade there too but I dropped out, and began homeschool with the Ron Paul Curriculum.
      I do think more in english most of the times, but I speak more in spanish, because of where I live. I also speak english with my brother sometimes. (We are both in this curriculum). So, I have my brain constantly working in two languages.
      We all have the ability to speak in more than one language. It is part of our nature. Try aquiring the language instead of learning it. That’s what I did. Then again, that’s what we all do when we are babies. I’m sure it will go better like that. Thank’s again! 😉

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