Are You an Entrepreneur?

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It seems like the most important thing in life is education. From the moment you can talk everyone around you begins to insist that you need to study until you are able to graduate. The news, the television, your family, the government, your friends, the internet, and even the social media bomb you with this. To its consequence people grow up believing that they cannot achieve anything great or important in their life unless they get an education. It has come onto a point that whenever someone decides to leave it, they consider that person a failure.

I am not saying that education is a bad thing, or that we shouldn’t educate each other. The real question is what type of education are we receiving or teaching? The problem is the creation of an idea that is false in every way. Not being an educated person doesn’t stop you from doing something great or important or innovative. We could take Steve Jobs or Benjamin Franklin as an example. Believing in the terrible lie that insists on you having a formal education in order to achieve something that would have seemed impossible years ago is an absolute tragedy that encases the mind into impossibility. It breaks and blurs the creativity that we have since the day we were born. With this I am not promoting rebellion, but I am encouraging innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Being an entrepreneur takes guts, and the bravery enough to invent something that seems impossible. You also need creativity, intelligence, and self-discipline. Once you have observed something correctly and enough times you begin to get ideas. An entrepreneur is someone that can see what others can’t. This person has the ability to manage and be well organized.

There are many entrepreneurs out there, but have been frozen because of the mentality that has been established in their lives. Only those that choose to think differently, those that dare to go against a mentality of impossibility are those that innovate.

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4 thoughts on “Are You an Entrepreneur?

  1. I personally believe that people used to barter back before there was money, but presently in this past century our government has devised a new way of looking at things. This way is apparently easier, but much more dangerous and risky. Like Ron Paul said this will only last so long, and it probably will. God says your not supposed to worry and I have my faith in him. I always picture this situation as money being toilet paper. This synonym is not supposed to be laughable, but comparing to your economic script. I found your writing enjoyable. I am Dylan S. from Dees Blogman I am 11.
    P.S I think you should be the next Greta Van Susteren

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