Part-Time Jobs

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Are part-time jobs at the minimum wage worth the time? To a parent the answer would most probably be no. Let’s take a fast food restaurant as an example. People could say that these jobs were never really meant for mature humans with children to feed and bills to pay. A minimum wage wouldn’t pay for their necessities. On the other hand, high school students do not have the time for a job like that, especially when it requires greater responsibility.

It is adult students, and high school graduates that usually take these jobs. Nevertheless, it could also be a fitting job for homeschool students; if you could take me as an example.

Are part-time jobs at the minimum wage worth my time? My answer is no. I prefer administering my time differently, especially with all the responsibilities I take. My time goes by on reading (more than just school stuff), studying (more than just school stuff), writing (more than just school stuff), managing webpages (I’m not counting this one), and working on several other things that involve other people and my family (that does not include chores, or hanging out with friends). I don’t have the time for a part-time job, but I never said that I wouldn’t like or need the money.

These part-time jobs could give experience, and you could learn several things, but not everyone is willing to take them. Your case could be different than mine. Whatever the case, they are time consuming and paid cheap.

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6 thoughts on “Part-Time Jobs

  1. Very true, but there is always the right one for you. I work part time, and it’s a great job (at an insurance agency), fits with my school schedule and pays well. So it really all depends. 😛

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  2. I agree pt jobs aren’t for those with families, unfortunately to pay bills adults need a second job and jobs at place like McDonald’s offer flexibility.

    On the other hand, these jobs are indispensable for high school students. There are a few reasons.

    1-it teaches real world employment experience; preparing them for better jobs in the future. It teaches skills such as team work, job responsibility, being on time and being comfortable in an employment (dealing with coworkers, filling out paper work) situation not to mentions it looks good on a resume or job application. You sure don’t want to go to your first real or good job interview with no experience. You’re likely to lose it to someone who has some work experience.

    2-it teaches personal responsibility. Having to be on time, juggling work, school and pleasure is a good skill to know. It teaches how to handle money and use the banking system

    3-even if you don’t need the money it’s always nice to have more for those special things you want to do or buy

    My girls, much older now, started working at 14 for sub-minimum wage which was 4 dollars. I don’t know how it is now but then there was a special low minimum wage for younger children. Legally they could only work 16 hrs a week with restricted time and length of shift. It gave them more independence to buy what I couldn’t or wouldn’t buy. It gave them personal independence, having a life outside the house and away from me, doing something on their own helped them grow up.

    Today they are considered by employers and coworkers to be very responsible workers, hard working, dedicated and loyal. This has helped them get raises and promotions. It’s given them an edge over the job hunting competition.

    I understand you’re young and want to have fun but you seriously need to get out there and work, it’s the best lesson, best schooling you could get…and the most valuable. Even if you don’t like the idea of minimum wage try volunteer work. You’d get the same experience but helping other too and you can put it on your resume/application. Volunteer work could give you the same learning experience as a paying job if you take it seriously. It’s also regarded as employment experience just as a paid job.

    I hope I’ve not annoyed you too much. This is so important and beneficial to you. Good luck with whatever you choose to do

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    • Also, I am very well set on to what I am doing in life, and why I am here, and what I’m here for. I have learned that before I do anything I must see what God tells me first. This is very different on doing it and asking God to bless it.
      I am determined to do what God has shown me, and that does not include a part-time job.
      But thank you for your comment, I appreciate it and learn from it 😀


      • One more thought, what ever work you do, be sure to have someone who can give you a reference. I’m glad to see you are so set, I’ve been very impressed with your articles. You seem very mature for your age.

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