Garage Sales

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When there is too much space consumed in the attic or any place of the house, people often make garage sales. They realize that there is stuff in there that has been kept for years, and they don’t need it or use it anymore. To them, it is better to have the space and get a little extra money.

People often buy at garage sales because things are cheap, and they go on looking for bargains. Poor people could benefit from this, but at the same time they can’t. Except, if people chose to donate their stuff to charity, then they definitely do. However, buying at a bargain price in a garage sale doesn’t mean it’s free.

If we call into state regulation then things get worse. What if the state controlled at what price things should be sold? Then practically no one would benefit, unless the state favored one side over the other. Nevertheless, we could never be sure; looking at how corrupt it’s become.

Garage sales are better off without the state, but it doesn’t mean they are completely righteous.

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