Flying across the Country

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Flying on an airplane can be fun. Flying on first class is desired by many. If my family and I ever decided to fly across the country, we would definitely choose first class (if having the resource). One thing I know for sure is that we would never fly on different planes.

Prices change every now and then. You never know when there will be an incredible discount, (as it happened to us a few years ago). I guess I can say that throughout time as technology advances, flying prices will go lower. We surely cannot erase the idea of flying cars replacing airplanes.

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2 thoughts on “Flying across the Country

  1. Flying is not near as much fun as years ago – show up 30 minutes early, talk to a rep, check your luggage, board the plane. Now you leave home 3-4 hours before the flight in order to get there either by mass transit or have time to park, go through all the security checks that understandably need to be there today, wait two hours, pay $4 for a bottle of water, respond to a cattle call, sit in a row with four seats that use to be three and there you go as easy as that. 🙂

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