Aeschylus on the Trojan War


As we know, the Trojan War was fought between the city of Troy and the Greeks. We also know that Troy lost the war.

Aeschylus the ancient Greek tragedian, gives us his point of view of the war on his work Agamemnon. Aeschylus like any other Greek believed that the “gods” were above all mankind, and it was they that determined what occurred to humans. The same thought was represented by Aeschylus on the Trojan War. The “gods” would battle against each other, and their result would manifest on mankind. (Only because these people were under the control and dominion of these “gods”, because of what they believed).

One interesting thing, however, is the story of the ship Agamemnon was on. He and the people there were going through a storm due to the wrath of the “goddess” Artemis. Agamemnon then kills his own daughter as a sacrifice in order to appease her wrath. Despite that, even if the storm was calmed, the ship still sank.

With this we can come to the conclusion that the “gods” only used humans (the humans under them) as their plaything. I say it is a manipulation of mind and soul. Manipulation is witchcraft, witchcraft comes from hell, and therefore, the “gods” the Greeks talked about were only demons and fallen angels.

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