Marx and His Criticism on Capitalism

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Marx criticized capitalism to the extension of saying that communism is better. Let’s analyze if this is true.

One of the main things Marx mentioned was that he would like to have a society where there was more personal autonomy. Yet, he says that communism would be better because they would have a planned economy. Let me explain this.

Personal autonomy refers to letting someone do or practice whatever job they like, for example, in the morning I’m a painter, in the afternoon I’m a fisher, and in the evening I’m a chef. You can do any kind of job, and not stay in one for the rest of your life. The thing is, how could that possibly happen if you have a planned economy? With a planned economy you must know who is doing what they’re doing and how many are doing what they’re doing. In this case, you can’t even choose what you want to do, because it’s already planned, but in capitalism you can. Why not be chef, and do fishing and painting as a hobby?

Also, he says that in capitalism you have to produce what the market wants, and not what you want to produce or do. First of all, the market is you and me. Next, imagine a factory producing a bunch of rubber balls instead of bread. Now, the bread is what we want, the rubber balls is what they want to produce. What a waste of resources would that be, no one would be buying the rubber balls because no one wants them. Yet, Marx says that society would be less poor. Society is already less poor, poor people in earlier years had to walk to get to where they wanted, now, poor people at least a have a small old car to get to where they want to go. So, society is getting richer every time. In a few years, the richest people will have flying cars and the poorest will be driving Rolls-Royce.

There is still more to say, but I think I would have to write a whole book to explain it all. With this I finish, Marx is contradicting himself in everything he is saying. How can you have a richer society by everyone producing what they want to produce without anyone buying it, and wasting a bunch of resources? How can you even do that when you have a planned economy? It is just some mere contradiction, and more control.

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