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Fascism is a form of government with certain values, but I will only explain their primary values.

First, glorification of the state and the military; they try to make it strong and mighty. I would say intimidating, trying to make man fear man, and man feel great and immortal. They use a “third way”, which means in between capitalism and communism. Whatever that means; I don’t think there is such a thing called a “third way”, you either pick one or another. Also, Benito Mussolini a leader in Italy that used fascism said: “Everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing above the state”. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see God here anywhere near.

Fascism has a charismatic leader, someone who can lead the state. In Germany that someone was Adolf Hitler. Hermann Goering said: “the law and the will of the Fuhrer (Hitler) are one”. Hans Frank said: “Our constitution is the will of the Fuhrer”. I repeat, it tries to make man fear man, and man great and immortal, as if God.

It tends to centralize politics, they say that individual rights subordinate to the good of the nation. In other words, your individual rights don’t matter, what I’m doing here is for the nation. An example would be, the leader says, take this house away from this person and use it for military work; even if the man living in that house has a family, they don’t care, they are doing it for the “goodness of the nation”. Finally, “the public interest trumps the private interest”. In other words, the interest of the state trumps the interest of an individual.

I conclude, fascism is a system you would not like to go through. Every time a nation has gone through that system, the final picture doesn’t look nice at all, take Germany in the time of Hitler for example.

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