Two Models, Two Theories

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There are two main models in political life, but only one is correct.

First we have the Althusius model, which says that society has a series of levels. It begins saying that the first level in society is family, then these families form villages, these villages form provinces, and these provinces form kingdoms. This establishes an order by the power being shared by various social authorities and not handling power in a monopolistic way with a central government. Instead, it says that these social authorities have rights and liberties of their own, and these rights preceded the central government, and cannot be arbitrarily interfered with or cancelled by it. In other words, we have a society that has order, and is not being controlled and manipulated by the government.

Then, we have the Hobbesian model. In contrast to the Althusius model, it says that society is a single flat plain. There is no diverse array of social authorities, but that we just all are a mass of individuals. Saying that we, individuals, endow a central government with the power to rule over us, (or as I would say control us). It also says that no other social authority precedes this central government, which means there are no competing power centers in society that can resist it. (Sounds devastating, but that is the type of government that we have today).

Very similar to these two models are the compact theory and the nationalist theory.

The compact theory says that the union is a collection of states. That the union was created by the states, and the states are the original units. This theory goes in hand with the Althusius model. Also, there is the nationalist theory that says the union is a single whole. The union came first, and the states only exist as part of the unit. The union is the original unit; this theory goes in hand with the Hobbesian model.

Now, I think no one except the government would love or like the nationalist theory or Hobbesian model. In my opinion, the Hobbesian model or nationalist theory is pure tyranny, which has only the intention of selfish and egocentric resolutions. On the other hand, the compact theory or Althusius model has the intention of justice and equality.

Still, which one is correct?

Let’s take a look at what history says. Did the states really become before the union, or did the union come first? The Declaration of independence says: “free and independent state” that “have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and do to all other acts and things which independent states may of right do”. Notice the word states, and not central government or one big state. This was written in 1776, years before the union came to be. In the Treaty of Paris, 1783, the British acknowledged the independence not of a single blob, but of a group of states, which they preceded to list one by one. The name of the country says it too, and makes it even clearer, the “United States of America”.

In conclusion, the Althusius model, and the compact theory are the ones that are correct, the others are just full of egocentric interests.

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