The Government or The Public? Make Your Choice! Part:1

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The Benefit Principle

Is Taxation correct? What is the benefit principle?

Taxation is a coercive, non-contractual transfer of definite physical assets from an individual or group of individuals to the government. There are so many different types of taxation, that if you saw them all you’d be amazed. Now, I believe that the majority of the people are familiar with taxation, who takes it from us, and to where and whom it goes. So, I’ll just go ahead and jump to the benefit principle.

The benefit principle says that people should be taxed in accordance with the benefits they receive from the government. Honestly, I don’t think this has been achieved the way it should be. We can see it daily in so many ways. For example, people paying extra taxes for years so that when they retire the government can give them monthly money so they can be sustained, and sadly the government in occasions doesn’t even give them the minimum of what they paid. The bureaucrats taking the money taxed for themselves, and not using it for the public or Paying a bureaucrat way more money than the one who cleans the city. I’ve seen so many examples on how this hasn’t been completely achieved, or even done.

There is also a claim in the benefit principle that says people benefit in proportion to their income or in increased proportion to their income. Now, do the rich reap a proportionately or even more than proportionately greater benefit from the government than the poor? I’d say yes. I mean, to pay according to the benefit principle would mean that the rich and the poor would have to pay the same amount of taxes. It wouldn’t matter if the rich gain more money than the poor, they would all have to pay the same amount. In other words the poorest person on earth would barely be able to pay the tax, while the richest person on earth would only give a crumb of his income. That’s not just it, paying according to the benefit principle has other unrighteous content. Bureaucrats would have to pay their entire salary, and anyone receiving a subsidy would have to pay the amount of the subsidy

Is the benefit principle the way to go? I would say that the only correct content it has is that people should be taxed in accordance with the benefits they receive from the government.

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The Washington Monument Syndrome

Washington Monument Syndrome is when a government agency or bureaucrats cut the most visible, appreciated, popular, service provided by the government when it faces budget cuts, making these cuts immediately visible and felt. In other words, they cut these things off, so that the government won’t cut their salaries.

In 1969, the Washington Monument along with other popular National Parks were shut down, because of cuts in the budget. These are other examples, the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum was closed down except for the gift shop, the lobby, and the restroom. In the cold war, the army of the United States had a big defense against Russia, but had to make a cut because they were low in the budget. Well, instead of cutting the military bands, they cut off the light cavalry regiment. If we looked at this in state level, they would cut down firefighters, the ambulance, and school buses. What’s more amazing is that these cuts weren’t even to help the public, but to keep their little empires running.

I believe that this is a chain of bad decisions made. Cutting down the correct, leaving the incorrect. This is not a very good example, isn’t it?

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