Notes, Notes, and More Notes!


If you are writing an autobiography, it is well to take notes of the most important things, or events you consider relevant in your life. That way when you begin writing your autobiography, you’ll have supporting detail into knowing that what you’re writing is completely true.

How are you supposed to write these notes down?

There are many different ways you can write them. You can make short notes explaining in short detail what is going on around you. You can also write the date of the day, and one or two key words that will help you remember what happened. You can even take pictures of the day, and with that it will be enough to know what happened.

It doesn’t really matter how you write your notes down, the point is for you to understand them, in order for you to have a supporting evidence of what you’re writing. 

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2 thoughts on “Notes, Notes, and More Notes!

  1. Good, i hope you are taking good notes. Roger will record something on his phone to make sure he remembers and then puts it in his documents later.


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