A Great Impact


Douglass began to learn how to read with his new mistress, but when her husband found out, he forbade it. This caused a great impact in Douglass’s life into learning how to read in one way or another.

The question is, have I ever had an impact like Douglass’s?

The answer is definitely yes. I was 14 years old when this happened. I sat down doing my homework, (I was in a private school), and I had my Facebook open on my iPod, when all of a sudden a new message arrived. It was a boy, we began talking through Facebook, we went to the same school, and one day we were going to talk to each other in school. We never did, but kept talking through Facebook, one day my mom realized what I was doing, and got mad at me for not telling her.

To make it short, (and I’m also saving it for the autobiography), my parents forbade me to speak with him. Well, indeed I had a great impact, and I ended up talking to him… in person.

In the end I learned my lesson, and I can tell you that I am never doing that again!

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13 thoughts on “A Great Impact

  1. Interesting story. I can’t wait to hear about it in your autobiography. 🙂


  2. Marcy Oliver

    Did you impact the boy, or were you the one impacted? Did i understand that Douglas had a married woman as his mistress?


    • Yes Douglass had a married woman as his mistress, and the one impacted was me, but that’s according to what I wrote in the essay, in real life we were both impacted


  3. Good job, but I don’t really agree with the picture. It’s definitely motivational, but it gives the impression that God doesn’t/can’t control us either. God CAN hinder and control and resolve the firm resolve of a determined soul, in my opinion.


    • Also, I didn’t understand who was impacted, you or the boy


      • It was me according to the essay, but both according to real life

        PS.: sorry for not explaining well


    • Well yea but I believe that we all have a free will and when you are determinated to do something God respects that, even though it is true God could do something to change your heart, 🙂


  4. Yes we do have free will, but as believers we should be determined to be obedient to God’s word/law. Ready to accept the consequences good or bad.


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