Three Events

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Although at my young age I have barely lived many things, there are three events in my life that I would like to include in my autobiography.

I will never forget the day that my eyes were open into not only knowing the truth, but finding my first true love! I was six years old when I first heard of Jesus our savior. I had been born in a Christian family, and my family is one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

The day my parents were married. Even though I wasn’t present by flesh, I make this event mine. For the various reasons of how they got married, and why they got married. True love and faith were unfolded in their marriage, and for the rest of their lives.

Finally, this is a continuing event, since it hasn’t stopped, and I believe that by the grace of God it never will. For it is my continuous seeking of God’s righteousness and true love. Although I have lived many things in Him and with Him, I know that it’s just the beginning, for He takes whoever is willing to take his or her daily cross, not for their own glory, but for love of Jesus, from glory to glory, and light to light.

With these events I feel truly blessed, and I know that His blessings won’t stop.

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