Equal vs Unequal & Just vs Unjust / Foreign Aid Programs


Throughout centuries people have always discussed the subject of whether or not there is equality. This has always been a problem in society. Then again, it hasn’t been if there’s equality or not, but if there’s justice or not. Let me explain what I mean.

As I have in the picture of this essay, equality doesn’t always mean justice and vice versa.

When governments of the world have tried to bring equality into their nations it has only transformed into a dictatorship where people can’t do anything with their lives, their freedom is cut off, and their property is unwillingly taken away from them.

Is this justice? I don’t think so.

This only paints a false justice using the word equality. What justice is there in paying the same thing to a person who picks up the trash from the streets, to a person who works as a soccer player, or someone who owns a business? The answer is none. Then comes the question, what justice is there if you pay a soccer player 33 million euros a year, and pay someone who picks up the trash 34,000 dollars a year?

(In some countries they pay trash pickers almost 10 dollars for 2 days).

Ask yourself this; if the soccer player stopped kicking the ball, would something really bad happen? Then ask yourself, if the trash picker stopped picking the trash would something really bad happen? Then think about this, what would be worse?

I’m guessing everyone with common sense would prefer having the trash picker.

Then how do you seek true righteousness? Apparently not from the government, for it is the same government that would prefer the soccer player, not only for their reasons of money, but also to entertain or distract people.

The solution to this problem is seeking the righteousness that comes from above, (Jesus)!



The question is, have foreign aid programs worked?

No they haven’t.


Whenever the governments received the foreign help, instead of putting the money into good use for the people, they have put it all in their pockets. Just as Brookings Institution said, “corrupt foreign officials using aid to line their own pockets, support military buildings, and pursue vanity projects”. Also, as the American Economic Review said in 2002, “increases in aid are associated with contemporaneous increases in corruption”.

What solution have they found?

As Bauer once said, “economic prosperity depends on people’s attributes, attitudes, motivations, mores, and political arrangements. If the required conditions are not present, then aid will be ineffective and wasted”.

Also as economist Mancur Olson said in 1993, “world’s economically successful countries all possessed relatively secure property and contract rights; all the unsuccessful ones did not”.

In my opinion, foreign aid is not the solution, but as I said before, the solution to this problem is seeking the righteousness that comes from above, (Jesus)!


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2 thoughts on “Equal vs Unequal & Just vs Unjust / Foreign Aid Programs

  1. Marcy Oliver

    I remember when we lived in Honduras, the AID building across the street from the US Embassy was huge, (not necessarily pretty, but a lot of people working there). It was very difficult to get help from them as they had so many rules and paper work to fill out it just didn’t seem worth it at times. You are right it never works. Good article. Marcy


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