Ant Wars & Loons vs Something More Important




Life in the woods can be very complicated, especially without many utensils or tools to survive with. I believe there are more important things to write about in an autobiography about life in the woods, than ant wars or loons. Still, I’m writing this essay to choose what I would prefer to write about ant wars or loons. It sounds meaningless to write about that unless you’re a scientist studying ant wars and about to make an amazing and phenomenal discovery, or you decided to take care of an injured loon while in the woods. Anyway, without anything more to say, my choice would be loons.

Loons are animals you don’t see every day, that’s the reason why I would choose them. I wouldn’t just write about their appearance, but also of their way of living. My opinion is that the only reason I would even write about them, is if had a school project on them, or decided to dedicate my life to them. It’s not that I don’t like them, or ants, but that it’s pointless, unless you achieved something great with them.

In conclusion, if I had to write an autobiography about life in the woods, I would write it on how to survive, but since I had just two options, I chose loons.

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