Your Philosophy


Is it important to summarize your philosophy in an early chapter when writing an autobiography? Is it even important to mention it?

First of all, if you want to write your autobiography you’re going to have to tell everyone about you, and that definitely includes your philosophy. It doesn’t matter if others don’t think it’s way too important to mention it in an early chapter; I believe it is, for the following reasons.

If you’re going to tell everyone who you are and what you lived, the reader is always going ask his or herself why was it that you accomplished what you accomplished, or did not do what you didn’t do. I believe that telling a person who you are automatically comes with telling them what you believe in, and why you believe it.

When you meet someone, the first questions that are asked apart from your name and where you’re from are what are your beliefs? What do you think about this, what do you think about that? Therefore, mentioning your philosophy is extremely important. Maybe that’s the only reason why someone is even reading your autobiography.

Philosophy has always been very important in the human world, and your philosophy isn’t the exception. 

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