Any Background Info?


When we read or analyze Thoreau’s autobiography we find many contradictions. For this reason it makes it very hard to understand what he’s trying to say, or why he even wrote his autobiography. Much of what he says makes no sense, and isn’t backed up in any believable or even serious information.

Here is an example: he says that men that build homes might be poets.

Here is his supporting argument: birds build nests and they tweet.

You see what I mean? Yes it would have been a better book, or let’s be honest, it would have been a good book if he had supplied not more, but actual background information of his life. I really don’t get the point into why he even wrote his autobiography. What’s so interesting? What’s so important? That he likes the noise of owls, or that he sat around a lot doing nothing? Is it that the railroad makes noise, or that he heard a lowing cow? How is that going to affect me in a major way? What impact is that going to have in my life, or in anyone else’s?

I find no importance what so ever into reading his autobiography… yet.


Note: That doesn’t mean I won’t read it, or keep on studying with Dr. North.

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  1. Funny pic XD


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