Was Thoreau Dependent or Not?


Thoreau was in my opinion a man who had a very weird mind, and a very different way of thinking from the majority of people. He thought that you shouldn’t be dependent on the division of labor, because then you would have to rely on someone else to give you food.  For this reason he wasn’t dependent, he even disliked division of labor, he hated business.

He placed the example of savages. He said that they weren’t dependent, and that they did their own work. Trying to convince everyone else that we, like them, should be independent, and do our own work as well.

In conclusion, Thoreau hated being dependent.

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9 thoughts on “Was Thoreau Dependent or Not?

  1. Typo in first sentence: weirs

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  2. Yeah he is pretty weird.

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  3. Dillardgrass14

    I think he had very unrealistic ideals, and let himself turn a blind eye towards reality. (Possibly hoping that the more often he said something, people would accept it as truth?) I also think he was a very good writer, not very organized, but he probably could have written good poetry!

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    • He might have been religious too and yea I think he said those things cuz of what he lived when he was a boy, idk to me he was a very weird man lol 😛


  4. for somebody who claims to be dependent he sure loves his moms house

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