Use of Contrasts


Solomon Northup stated various contrasts in his autobiography, and one of those contrasts was that he spoke about politicians arguing about slavery in the capitol, when they had slaves right in their own backyard.

This use of contrasts can be useful in my autobiography, of course, without using his, but in my own way. I never really thought about using contrasts in my autobiography, I just thought about telling the story, but now, when I write down my own, I will have that in mind.

How can I adopt them? Well, I’m not sure right now, since I pretty much don’t know all the information I’ll put in my autobiography. Even so, I’m sure I’ll find out.

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6 thoughts on “Use of Contrasts

  1. Dillardgrass14

    Do you have any thoughts on Tibeats?

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    • about what?


      • Dillardgrass14

        Tibeats is my faveriote character in 12 yrs beacuse of his level of insanity. He is the only one that leaves any scope for imagnation out of our slave narratives. We know Soloman is good, Ford is good, and Epps is terrible, but Tibeats leaves me with a question. I was wondering if anyone else thought about why Tibeats was so bent on killing Soloman.

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      • That’s true, but I never asked myself that question, I guess its because I just thought Tibeats had issues and needed help, but that’s just my thought 😛


      • Dillardgrass14

        Yeah, when I first read it I was like O.K. he’s a nutcase, but after I read it a couple more times I started to wonder why he was soooooo bent on getting to Soloman.

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      • yea tue, well only God knows lol


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