Northup’s and Eliza’s Response to Separation


Both Solomon Northup and Eliza experienced a separation from their children, but they didn’t respond in the same way.

Solomon was the first one to be separated from his family. He never stood in an attitude or feeling of sorrow, but instead got back up and had hope for his liberation.

Eliza in the other hand, stayed in deep sorrow and grief for not being able to be with her children. Whenever she could she wept and wept and wept. She had no hope; nothing could comfort her or make her feel better.

We can conclude that the characters of Eliza and Northup were different. Northup never gave up and stood firm, while Eliza because of the loss, (not knowing if she would ever see them again), couldn’t take no more.  

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2 thoughts on “Northup’s and Eliza’s Response to Separation

  1. Here’s something to consider: Northup knew he had a chance of seeing his kids again if he could escape. He knew they were safe and well cared for. Eliza’s children were slaves. She would likely never see them again, even if she escaped. She also didn’t know how her children would be cared for, but most likely they would suffer.


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