South’s Slave System Morally Evil?


John Thompson provided very persuasive evidence that the South’s slave system was morally evil. The following are the evidence.

First, he stated that he was whipped for insubordination by the owner. Second, John Wagar one of the owners whipped a slave woman to death, according to law you couldn’t give more than 40 whips. Third, His new master who was married, tried to seduce Thompson’s sister, she stood firm and didn’t accept. For this case the master whipped Thompson’s sister every time his wife wasn’t home. The wife made Thompson’s sister marry, but even after that, the master still whipped the sister when his wife wasn’t home. For this, the wife died. Fourth, the wife of Dr. Jackson, a nearby owner whipped a young girl for breaking a dish. Jackson had a heart attack while trying to strangle a slave. Fifth, Thompson was blamed for the infraction of another slave. Sixth, the granddaughter of a slave owner alerted the slaves and told them to escape, a slave betrayed her, and she wounded up in poverty. Seventh, Thompson was unjustly whipped by a constable. Eighth, he was accused of helping two slaves escape, for this reason they wanted to arrest him and even offered $300 bounty on him, he escaped.

Here we see more than enough evidence to be able to prove that the South’s slave system was morally evil. 

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4 thoughts on “South’s Slave System Morally Evil?

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