Darwin’s Autobiography and My Autobiography


Darwin was an English  naturalist and a geologist, and he was best known for his contributions to evolution. For this reason, I believe, that he wasn’t capable of writing his autobiography in a way that people would know who he really was. What I mean, is that what his autobiography was mostly about was his writings, studies and things he did for his career. Which brought the effect of not knowing who he was in a sense of family, and way of being, likes and dislikes.


In this I differ with Darwin. For my autobiography I will not only state my writings, discoveries, or things I will do for my career, (that is of course if I do it), but I will also let the world know the most important things about my life. For example, marriage, children, important events, and so on. Not only will I include all this but also my views and ways of being towards God.

In conclusion, my autobiography will be way more different than Darwin’s.

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4 thoughts on “Darwin’s Autobiography and My Autobiography

  1. Good job. I think there are some places where you could use less words and make the sentence clearer.

    “Darwin was an English man who was a naturalist and a geologist, and he was best known for his contributions to the evolutionary theory.”


    “Darwin was an English naturalist and geologist best known for his contributions to evolution.”

    Other than that very interesting and informative. You made your point very clear.

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