Two Questions Answered


John Locke believed in self-ownership, he said that private property derived from self-ownership, and that the world was given to us in common. He meant that each and every person could control and lead himself the way he or she wants to, that no one else could tell the person what or what not to do. He also said that no individual has any claim on any particular thing until someone mixes his labor with it. This means that if you want to own a house, you must work it. For example, you cut the trees and build your house with the wood, then, it can become yours.

Rothbard thought that the only defensible philosophical position is 100% self-ownership. With this he stated three possible alternatives:

  1.    Nobody owns anybody, neither himself nor anyone else.
  2.    Everyone owns a portion of himself and everyone else.
  3.    Partial ownership of one group by another.

Giving these alternatives he concluded that the only final choice we’ve got is that we are 100% self-owners.


Personal Thought

I cannot agree with what Locke or Rothbard state. Man himself cannot be its own owner. Our proof is that man has made many mistakes and will make many more as long as he keeps “owning” himself. Truth is, God is the owner of everything and everyone, and without Him we cannot rule and reign. 

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2 thoughts on “Two Questions Answered

  1. Amen, we’re not owners, we’re stewards


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