My Target Audience


In writing an autobiography, not only is there a purpose, but also a target audience. In all the options you can have in choosing one or more, and why you chose them, I have mine very clear.

The content of my autobiography will be in such a way that I would like to write it for anyone who can read it. The reason is because I will place in it wonderful things I’ve lived that almost no one lives, and I want this material to help the people. People who have lost their hope, or sick people, or people with a financial crisis, or maybe a teenager who doesn’t know what path he or she should take, or the purpose of their life.

I would also like to write something special, like to say a special edition of my autobiography, but only for my family, and future great, great, great, and so on grandsons and daughters. So, I could add in some extra material that I would consider private, or just for them.

In conclusion, my target audience is anyone who can read, in the original autobiography, and my family in the special edition autobiography.

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