Benefits of Writing an Autobiography


Autobiographies are a written story of someone’s life written by that someone. Some people write their autobiographies, in order to help others with certain problems they too had. Others just write them because they were famous and people wanted to know more about them, others just because they thought their life was interesting and it wouldn’t sound bad to win some money from it, and handful of others write their autobiography because they want their great, great, great and so on grandchildren to know who they were and what they did, and maybe leave them a legacy or a teaching.

The question here is, what benefits would I get from writing my autobiography? The answer is simple, the reason I want to write my autobiography is to help others with problem I too had, and to leave my great, great, great and so on grandchildren a teaching, and let them know who I was. I believe my life has been very interesting even if I’m only 16 now. The reason is because I’ve lived what some people even at their old age never lived. I’m also sure that it hasn’t stopped now, but that I will live even greater things, than what I’m living now. Those are the benefits I find from writing my autobiography. 

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