My View of the Future

Washington’s view of the future was that black men would be free and that slavery would be abolished for good.

My view of the future is, well, now I know that there is no more slavery and that black men are free. So, I would say that my view of the future is that there is no future. What I mean by this is that if you always keep looking at the future, you will never fulfill what you were meant to do in your life. You have to live now, not tomorrow, your time is now. I believe that it is in Jesus that all things are fulfilled. What point is there to live a life full of education, and work, and doing everything that everyone else does, just to die and say my life was just a waste of time. All I did was pursue my dreams, because that’s what everyone tells you, and I accomplished my dreams and I felt happy because of that, but in the end, I just felt the same. Now that I accomplished what I had in mind, what’s next? Waste my life in money, sex, fame, power, riches of this world? Isn’t that worthless, I mean I’m not going to take that with me when I die. I want to able to do something in this world, that I will cherish forever, that will be marked in my spirit forever, that even when I die, it will always be with me. That’s exactly the point of life. Then the question comes, how am I going to do that? Well you certainly need a greater power, isn’t it impossible for man to do something like that? I mean think about it, what can I take with me when I die, and how can I do that? Certainly you can’t, but there is someone who can. The creator of life, God. You see we are not flesh we are spirit, because when we die it is our spirit that lives and our flesh that dies. The only reason we’re body is because we need water in order to survive in this world, and it is our body that can contain it. But in our bodies there is something much deeper than our soul, it is our spirit the one that makes you live. If your spirit died, you would automatically stop existing. The problem comes when your spirit is asleep, and not awaken. Then how do I waken my spirit? It is not man, but by the spirit of God. When your spirit unites with His spirit, you become one. It is then, that you are able to fulfill your purpose. It is then that you are able to take with you, what you accomplished here on earth. Now, how do I become one spirit with His? 

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