Kourdakov’s Failed Assignment: Joining a Crime Syndicate vs. Staying Clean

Sergei Kourdakov was astounded when he saw he was going to get paid 25 rubles per operation. He had never been paid so much, so, why not take the job. His job was to persecute Christian people, beat them up, and steal their bibles. Of course this led him to the failed assignment. They had to take a group of Christians, beat them up, and take their bibles away. He politely knocked on the cabins door, since the meeting was going on and had to be quiet, of course, this was absolutely illogical according to what they had to do. Some guy answered him and asked if they were the police, he said they were, immediately the Christian told him that they weren’t doing anything wrong, that even their constitution allowed religious freedom. He was saying the truth; Kourdakov didn’t know what to answer since he knew he was right. With nothing more to say, two volunteers offered themselves to be taken away, so they left to the police station. This, of course, their leader did not like and screamed at them, which ended up being a failed assignment.

If he had not taken the job, then clearly this never would’ve happened, which is really the point into why I’m writing this. So if Kourdakov wouldn’t have seen the 25 rubles per operation, then he never would’ve felt ashamed. In other words it was money that led him there. 

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