State Subsidies Without State Control?

The question really is, “Is it possible for the state to give you money without controlling you?”

Not really, if the state gives you money, then you will become dependent of the state. That automatically takes freedom away from you. You won’t be able to generate your own money freely, but you will become dependent on what the state gives you. The same thing happens when a parent gives money to his or her child, the child automatically is dependent on the parent, on what the parent will give him or her. So then we go back to the question, “Is it possible to have state subsidies without state control?” No, it is not.

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2 thoughts on “State Subsidies Without State Control?

  1. Very right, I lived on state subsidies nearly 30 years ago, it was demeaning, felt like bondage. I could do nothing to improve my life without losing it. You get “between a rock and hard place”, especially if you have to pay day care which can cost nearly as much as you make.

    We have no subsidies in my family LOL, my girls earned their allowance as will my grandson.


    • Yea, state subsidies just give the state more control over you, I can imgaine how hard it was…
      LOL neither in my family 😛


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