State does good or bad?

The state has the power to either do something good for you, or do something bad to you. Then we ask the question, “When the state does something good for you, is it really doing good?” No, clearly because if the state does something good for you it will have to do with money. So, in other words, if it grants you money, this means it took the money from someone else, which means that the state stole someone else to give to you.

For example, a little boy wants to give his brother something because he loves him so much. He steals a toy from a friend and gives the toy to his little brother. Did he do something good? I’ll leave the answer to you. Same thing happens when the state grants you money.

Now, can the state do something bad to you? Of course, if the state is able to steal from someone else to give you, it can most assuredly do the opposite. Nothing more to say.

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