My Turning Points

My life has never been “normal”, and I can definitely say the same with my life turning points. I’ve had many at my young age, but there are three in specific, that marked my life in a different way each time. First was my travel to the United States, I was 4 years old when my parents decided to move there, I didn’t speak english and I knew nothing about the country or culture, but I had no choice. It was easy adapting since I was very small, I made this nation my nation, I practically learned english first than spanish, I learned this culture first, it’s as if I would’ve been born here. Even if I was seperate from my family and new nothing about them or knew who they were, I was perfectly happy with the U.S.

Eight years later, I was 12 by now, we had to move back to my nation. I didn’t oppose the idea since I had no other choice, but I knew I was going to miss the U.S. more than ever. We packed our stuff, we made more than 300 boxes of stuff in them, it was a massive change, since we were going to the central part of Mexico. Let me tell you it hasn’t been easy to adapt, it never was, it was a whole new thing. School was never easy, it has a different learning style and less practical. I spent my days crying to my mother of how I wanted to go back, I barely understood most of the words spoken in school,(as I said before, english was practically my first language). I spent hours studying and still didn’t get it, it was very frustrating, from getting straight A’s into getting the worst F’s ever imagined! With help of my family, and God I was able to get out of school with a 9.4 average in Mexico out of 10. (If you don’t know how they grade in Mexico, it’s like leaving with a 3.7 average in the U.S. out of 4. In conclusion, I finally did well after long hours and hours of studying. Then was the adapting to the way of living which is also less practical, but is also very long to tell. I can only say that I have adapted in several things, but in others you just don’t want to adapt.

Finally, there was the turning point in which I had to drop out of school, just because of lack of money, or in this case lack of gasoline, (again long story). I was forced to unstudy for almost 2 years, of course, I can say that they were wonderful vacations, but not so much, because of all we had to pass, (again long story). Thank God, I was able to get back in school but this time home school. I’ve passed through public shools, a private school, and a home school, so I kind of know how they all work. Those are the turnovers in my life… for now, since I am very sure there will be more!

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4 thoughts on “My Turning Points

  1. im not sure if you meant to say hours or ours here “I spent ours studying”


  2. Wow! You have done so much in your life!

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