Bastiats Concept: Politics of Plunder and A Little of What I Think

What is plunder?

Plunder is the act of stealing by force. This is what Bastiat meant when he was writing about the government and the law. He said that government  is a collective force that plunders people, but is supposed to protect liberty. With this we see that he was trying to tell us that the government uses the laws to annihilate the rights of our fellow men, this means that what the individual may not do, the state may now do. Clearly we see that the government is not taking its correct effect over the people. State is used to annihilate justice by two causes I will explain.

1. Naked greed: They want to get more and more without a satisfaction of having enough, or looking out for the rest of the people.

2. Misconceived Philanthropy: Same thing as naked greed except that this time it’s for someone else.

With these two causes we can see that the only reason there is goverenment is to plunder the people, in other words to steal. Law has only become an instrument of plunder, in which they use it to tax the people in an unjusitce way. Law is only used to steal from one person to give to another. This is what we call legalized plunder, except that there is no such thing. If legalized plunder were true then anyone could steal anything from anyone without getting any type of negative sanctions, but getting a positive sanction because you did a good thing! I mean think about it, if plunder were legal then the police wouldn’t be needed, nor would we need a government. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say there is a man who has a family, and he just lost his job because of an unfairness from the government. The man has been looking for a job for two weeks now, but hasn’t been able to find one. He tries everything to give his family food, but nothing works. The last thing he’s left to do is steal. The man steals from, let’s say, a Wal-Mart, but gets caught and now has to pay a fine, but since he doesn’t have any money then he’s thrown into jail.

You see what I mean, this is what Bastiat was trying to say, if plunder were legal then there was no reason for the police or the governement to take that man to jail, but since it’s ilegal then the correct thing to do is take all the politicians to jail, BUT NO SINCE THEY ARE THE GOD OF SOCIETY, THEY ARE THE CREATIVE ONES, THEY ARE THE GOOD ONES, WHY SEE SOMETHING BAD IN THEM, LOOK AT ALL THE GOOD STUFF THEY DO FOR US!!! Oh yeah, sure, we are the poor little ones that are evil, powerless, matterless, WE ARE THE CLAY! Do you see what the government is trying to do with your head? They are trying to brain wash you, they say, “oh lets give the people waht they want, sex, pornography, drugs, alcohol, let’s promise them lies, that way we can do all we want, because the people will be focused on what we give them, and not on what we steal from them”! Don’t confuse yourselves, it is not only money they steal, it is YOUR liberty, YOUR rights. The governement is trying to close your mind so that you won’t be able to do anything about it. In other words, they are trying to make you useless, stupid, unkowledgable, with lack of understandig. Let’s structure the peoples minds that way they think that their way of living is the normal way to live because everyone else lives that way. Haven’t you ever thought that maybe someone else wants you to live the way you live? Haven’t you ever tried to live differently and when you did everyone started calling you a freak? This is because the government has structured many peolpes lives in such a way, that if you get out of that system, then all of a sudden YOUR THE WEIRD ONE, YOUR THE STUPID ONE, YOUR THE ONE WHO’S WRONG! Truth is, your the only one that is actually thinking. Forgive me my strong words, but what I am telling you my dear friend is the truth.

So what does the government use? The media, T.V., video games, pornagraphy, drugs, alcohol, SCHOOL, that’s why they just want public schools, RELIGION, it may sound awful but it’s the truth, they do even control religion, and many more other things, they want to take control of EVERYTHING!

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