The Pinball Machine Story

Lehrer’s autobiography, “A Bus of My Own”, is composed with many stories of his life, but there is one in specific that clearly caught my attention.

It’s starts out with the pinball machine story. This is the story that definitely caught my attention, since it talks about his childhood in which he had gone to the bus terminal with his father. When they got there his father gave him some money to go and play on the pinball machine. He really wanted to take a what you call “number one”, but he thought, well, “I’ve never really won a game so it won’t take long, besides after the game I can go to the bathroom”. What a turn of events when he realized that for the first time in his life he had won his first pinball game! The machine gave him three free games, and got more and more and more free games due to how well he was playing. Now, of course, he thought, “I’m not leaving this what if someone else comes and steales my game or ruins my world record”, so he went on and on till he couldn’t hold any longer. He took out a bit, and suddenly couldn’t stop it! He didn’t stop playing since he was king of the pinball game up to that point, he had won thirty something free pinball games. He soon heard the anouncement that it was time to go, so he ran to the bathroom as fast as he could and locked himself in. His father soon went into the bathroom and told his son that the poor janitor was cleaning up his duty. Lehrer told his father that he was going to hide in the bathroom for the rest of his life, that no one could see him after what he had done. His father told him, so you’re planning on living for the rest of your life in a bathroom, soon jimmy (the boy), ran as fast as he could to Betsy (their bus) and stayed there where no one could see him.

This story caught my eye, because I had never really heard a story like that before, and I found it quite interesting and funny at the same time. I’m sure that any one who would here this story would definitely get a giggle or at least a smile.

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