Online Teaching or Classroom Teaching?

We have to discuss in this essay why classroon teaching is better and brings more benefits than online teaching. I have to disagree in this, since I have been a witness myself of how online teaching can be more beneficial than classroom teaching. I will now write my points.

1. It all starts in a classroom or in a computer. You get your things ready, you put yourself comfortable and you begin learning, or your at least supposed to. In a classroom, learning can get harder for two very well seen reasons. 

A- There many other students around you, and they can distract you from one small movement, to a lot of noise.

B- Teachers need to be well preparedm so that they can make the lesson comprehensable, and if the lesson wasn’tcomprehensable then the student will have to deal with it. Of course, teachers have to learn to deal with children.

Now we have the online side of things.

A- There are no other students around you, that way there can be no distractions, and you can go on with the lesson happy and quickly.

B- The teachers that made the online lessons have the opportunity to go over and over and over the lesson once again, to see what they can fix so that the lesson can turn out be perfect, and if still the child didn’t understand the lesson he can go back and forth on it till he or she finally gets it. Of course, teachers don’t have to deal with children.

2. Let’s bring out the economic side of this.

A- We sart out with classroom teaching. Whether it’s public or private school, you neccesarily waste more money. In private schools you not only have to pay for the school, but you also have to take the child to school wasting gas and cash. Of course there is also the uniform idea (which no child likes), not only you have to buy casual clothes for the child, but also a uniform, plus you have to pay for the events the school may have! In public schools it doesn’t change. We have uniforms, school events you have to pay for, car gas. You may think well there’s the school bus, well let me tell you that your taxes go to the bus gasoline, and the food, and even the non paying events. I think I’ve made myself clear.

Now let’s go to the online side.

A- There is no necessity for a parent or guardian to waste more money in a online school. You don’t have to pay taxes for that, which can save you lots of money, there are no school events where you have to waste money, there is no gas wasting, and there is no uniform wasting. Oh joy, even for the children not having to wear uncomfortable uniforms! Now we do get to the point that internet is required, but think about this, if you don’t have to pay for uniforms, school events, gas, and taxes for school isn’t it much better? You do save a lot of money, and don’t even worry about having to buy a computer there are many non expensive devices you can purchase for your children, so that they can study.

I think I made myself very convincing that it ain’t necesary to write more wonderful things about online teaching! Well, maybe just one more. If you ever thought that online teaching would make teachers lose their jobs you are wrong. Online teaching is endless you don’t have to have limitations on space for teachers, you can create tons of online schools where every teacher can have a job! Besides, there are tons of childtren. You wouldn’t even have to wake up super early to go to a school, deal with children, grade stacks of papers, and not get paid enough. With online teaching you just make a video of each lesson, that you can fix all you want, you don’t have to deal with children,and you don’t have to grade stacks of papers, all for a better paying job.

Don’t even get me started on helping the planet. You don’t have to cut all these trees down to make paper your paper is your technological device!

I won’t keep going, or else I might never finish! 

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6 thoughts on “Online Teaching or Classroom Teaching?

  1. I like all your reasons for online learning, you’re preaching to the choir :). I’ve taught classroom but would love to try online teaching. I’ve earned all but one degree in the classroom setting. Now I’m taking several online classes and love it. It’s the best for me. But there are those (like my daughter) who are not disciplined enough and need the classroom structure. I’m just thankful we have both options to reach and educate more people. Thank you for your insights


    • Thank you, yea I also take online classes, and also prefer it for various reasons, I explain them with my brother on the video I have named: “Interview about the Ron Paul Curriculum”. I take the Ron Paul Curriculum, and it’s great! and yes, it’s great we have both options.

      Thanks again! 🙂


      • I’m going to check out this ron paul curriculum, i’v never heard of it. I home school my grandson and while he’s a long way from high school this is good to keep in mind.


      • The Ron Paul Curriculum also gives middle school, and I think it’s a great opportunity, they have really good teachers and teach things you won’t here about any where else as fas as I know…


      • Yeah, after I looked at the site they even have K-5. We’re only at the preschool level but I’m collecting sites in a folder for later. Never too late to plan a child’s education and I love teaching. Good luck with your courses, I look forward to reading more of your essays.


      • Yes, thank you, I haven’t posted recently but I have written some, I’ll just have to check them before I post them… I’ll be checking yours too 🙂


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